The future is not yet written.

Discover how your choices can open doors to the outcomes you desire.

As an intuitive counselor, clairvoyant channel and life coach, I can help you understand where you are, how you got there, where you are heading, and how to live your life to its fullest potential and meaningful purpose.

My client sessions are much different than a basic “psychic reading.”

Because the future depends to a great extent on the choices we make now, a reading or consultation with a psychic counselor should not be full of one-line predictions or certain outcomes, but rather be overflowing with endless pathways and possibilities.

I use my psychic abilities to help you see into the potential in your life, but then I also use intuitive counseling and coaching to steer you toward those possibilities that could move you forward in the direction you wish, empowering you with a strong understanding of yourself and others.

Relationship Readings

Relationships can be both the greatest source of joy and the deepest cause of misery in our lives. Whether your relationship is with your partner or spouse, your friend, parent, child, or someone at work, I can help you get to the bottom of the troubling issues with the people in your life, and help you find your way to a healthier relationship with them. 

Ancestor Readings

Your relatives who have passed on can still have an impact on your present life, especially if they died with unfinished business. Are your ancestors trying to help you or are they getting in your way from the other side? Do they want you to do something for them that would help them move on? I can help you find out what is motivating them and then help you both find closure, if needed. 

Past Life Readings

Who were you in a past life? Is there something you need to know about a past existence that could help you in this one? Past life readings can help when you feel stuck, and don’t have enough information on how to proceed in life. Having access to a life where you solved this problem before, or knowing if there is any karma you need to take care of to move forward can be immensely helpful. 

What can I expect during a session?

I will first ask you to state your full name, which allows me to connect with your energy and your guides, whether in person or on the phone.

I then usually connect with you in your most recent past to ensure I am tuned into the correct energy pattern. This helps to provide a thread of understanding between us.

Next, I will move into your present, and discuss with you what I see is happening, the surrounding people and situations involved and their significance, then identify any possible problems or opportunities that might occur in the future.

By feeling and bringing awareness to your emotional blocks or challenges, I can offer guidance and counseling to help you deal with probable situations and provide other perspectives for your highest and best good.

In helping you to gain a new-found clarity and perspective on your life, you are then empowered to break old patterns and make new choices in keeping with your potential and purpose.

Our session together will ease your mind, and give you the confidence to move into a future beyond your imagining.

What are people saying?

“I love working with Russel! After each call, I feel energized and whole. He helps give me direction and clarity to feel confident in my life and decisions. I also know that he really cares about me and my well being. He has a passion and talent for what he does and I always find value in our readings.”
Clara C.

Lafayette, CO

“I’ve been working with Russel for 7 years for intuitive counseling and energy work. We have done everything from house clearings, creating and manifesting with intention, to energy clearings and healings, and readings and coaching around my family, friend and romantic relationships.

When I present an issue of conflict he is able to look deeper to find energetic blocks that may be standing in the way of harmony. Then he works a protocol to help shift the energy with intention and awareness. Working with Russel has given me insight I would never have had without his support. I truly treasure the value he brings to my life and without him, I would be walking around this earth a lot less conscious than I do today.”

Kim M.

Broomfield, CO

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